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Experience a more modern, totally free and ad-free, AI powered family organizer.

Why Choose BeFamily over Cozi?

Cost free, ad-free, smart assistants and a modern, streamlined UI? It’s no wonder people are in love with BeFamily.

Free for Life

No subscriptions, one-time, or in-app purchases. We're focusing on making an amazing product and sharing it with families everywhere.

Ad Free

Hate in-app ads? So do we! We want BeFamily to provide the best experience possible, so you'll never be forced to see an ad in the app.

Smart Assistants

From helping to find a time that works for multiple people, to providing ideas for meals, BeFamily's smart assistants have you covered.

Modern, Streamlined UI

Find using other family planning apps difficult to use? So did we! We made it our mission to make BeFamily simple, streamlined, and a joy to use.

More than a Calendar

Event conflict detection, birthday notifications, to-do reminders, highlighting of notable events that are coming up — and more.

What Others Are Saying

It's not just us, users on BeFamily are loving their experience

More than a Calendar

My partner and I have mostly been using Cozi for sharing lists, and this app has that and more! I'm excited to try and transition over to BeFamily.


Helpful tool for managing a family

As my household gets complicated i think BeFamily has a ton of potential to help me organize the chaos. I like having everything in one place and as we get more scheduled and organized can share with key caretakers and family.


Strong new entry

I am an early adopter of the app and so far so good. Not that many apps out there that are really designed for family planning needs, so its nice to see this entry for this purpose.


Import Cozi into BeFamily

Find Your Cozi Calendar Link

Import Cozi Calendar into BeFamily

If you setup your family members names in BeFamily just as they are in Cozi, everyone will be automagically added to the events they are added to in Cozi! It just works!

Not Sure About Switching?

We get it. Change is tough. And if we're honest, if you rely on Cozi's recipes, and need a web version, you should probably stick to using Cozi.

Currently, BeFamily does not have these features — we're staying focused, and want our current features to be of exceptional quality, simple, and focused.

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