New updates and improvements to BeFamily.

Weekly Review & Desktop

Weekly Review & Desktop

📩 Weekly Review

We learned one tip from several of the most organized families — a weekly check-in to plan the upcoming days and avoid any surprises. We’ve decided to streamline this process for everyone with our “Weekly Review” feature. Every Sunday, we’ll remind you to check your Weekly Review — a handy summary of upcoming events, to-dos, and potential conflicts that require your attention. Dive in today! Simply tap the bell icon at the top right of the To-Dos, and select “Weekly Review”.

🖥️ Desktop Web

We’ve received numerous requests for a desktop-friendly version, and we’ve heard you loud and clear! Introducing the beta web version of BeFamily: check it out now. It’s hot off the presses with the most frequently used features. And as we fine-tune, we’ll roll out even more features you love. Remember—it’s a beta version, so we welcome all your feedback and suggestions.

➕ Plus Extras

We’ve also spiced up the app with dozens of minor adjustments and enhancements like:

  • Improved To-Do list with easier re-ordering, checking off items, and scrolling
  • Filter events by person in Agenda
  • The “Activity” tab has been removed and instead can be accessed via the bell icon atop both the Agenda and To-Dos
Organize Like a Pro

Organize Like a Pro

📝 List Sections

Organize like a pro! Add different sections to your lists for better organization. Say goodbye to a messy grocery list and hello to separate sections like Produce, Dairy, and more.

🔍 Search Events

Trouble remembering when your last haircut was? No problem! Simply tap the magnifying glass in the Agenda section to search through your events.

📲 Auto-Nudge your Partner

Next time your partner is slacking on their assigned tasks we’ll bug them for you.

For any tasks you assign to your partner we’ll send them push notifications every 3 days to remind them. No more nagging needed!

😴 Snooze Tasks

All the tasks on your to-do list can feel overwhelming. We get it. Now you can snooze tasks and hide them away until you’re ready to tackle them. Just tap on a task, choose to snooze, and poof! It disappears for as long as you want. Procrastination never felt so good.

Lists for to-dos and more

Lists for to-dos and more

We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’re excited to share some fun updates with you. Make sure to update your BeFamily app to the latest version so you can check out all the new goodies!

📋 Lists for To-Dos

Stay organized by creating multiple lists for your todos. Whether it’s shopping, groceries, or long-term tasks, you can now keep everything separate without cluttering up your main task list.

Just tap the + button and choose “List” to add a new list within the To-Do section.

🗓️ Calendar Subscriptions

Sync your calendar with even more events! Subscribe to calendar feeds and have all your events show up in BeFamily. Whether it’s school events or sport schedules, you can easily stay in the loop.

Head to More > Calendar Syncing and choose “Subscribe to Calendar (ICS)” to add a link to a calendar feed.

⏰ Overdue Routines

Oops, forgot to complete a weekly/monthly routine? No worries! Instead of disappearing, it will now rollover to the next day so you don’t forget about it. Plus, you’ll see how many days late it is. Say goodbye to missed pet medicine or neglected plants!

🌟 And More!

We’ve made some other improvements to spruce things up:

  • Completed todos and routines will now go to the bottom of the list, making it easier for you to see what’s left to do.
  • You can now tap on locations in event details to open maps.
  • We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs, especially making meal planning save more reliably and drag & drop to reorder to-dos work smoother.
Meal planning, routines, + much more

Meal planning, routines, + much more

Exciting news - your favorite app, BeFamily, just got even better with a sparkling new update.

🥙 Meal Planning Made Easy

With our new Meal Planning feature, you can effortlessly plan your meals for the week. Just head to More > Meal Planning and let the magic happen.

No more dinner dilemmas, and you can share your plans with the rest of the family. Plus if you’re tired of the same old recipes, our Meal Ideas assistant will come to the rescue with fresh inspiration.

⏰ Master Your Routines

No more forgetting important tasks! You can now set reminders for your routines, ensuring you never miss a beat. Just dive into More > Routines, customize your reminders, and enjoy the peace of mind.

Looking for more customization of when routines recur? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s quarterly garden fertilizing or every other week cleaning, you can now set it with a breeze.

📋 Activity Logs

Discussions just got a major upgrade! Now called Activity, it’s more than just comments. You’ll now get notified when someone adds you to a To-Do or Event, or if there’s a scheduling conflict. Stay in the loop and never miss a thing.

🎉 But wait, there’s more!

  • Swiping through months on the calendar is now lightning-fast.
  • Filter your To-Dos to see only the ones assigned to you. Stay focused and organized.
  • Find a Time feature can now search availability farther ahead. Look up to 4-6 weeks in advance for that perfect appointment slot.
Let's Go Streaking

Let's Go Streaking

BeFamily’s app just got a fresh update. Go ahead, take a peek!

📈 Habits = Rewards.

Stay on top of your daily tasks with our new Streaks feature and watch the days you’ve been in action with BeFamily stack up. Did we mention hitting a 45-day streak gets you an exclusive invite to the BeFamily VIP club? Rewards incoming!

⏰ Time Hunting Made Easy

Now it’s even easier to find times when you’re free for get togethers and appointments. Tap the “Find Time” assistant, set how long and who needs to be available, and you’ll see all the free times at a glance. From there you can now easily add them as events to your calendar.

🚥 Your Busy-o-Meter

Get a quick take on your daily bustle with our handy busy indicators right below your calendar dates.

😎 Express it with Emojis

Up your event-naming game. Slot in emojis to identify events in a jiffy. Yes, a pizza slice for your family’s pizza night sounds perfect!

Events & Sharing

Events & Sharing

BeFamily just got another big update! Open BeFamily now to check it out.

➕ Create Events in the App

Now it’s easier than ever to create events in BeFamily! Simply click the + button in the bottom right of your Agenda to add a new event. Our events come fully loaded with all the features you’d expect from a calendar - multiple alerts, recurring events, and more!

💬 Share the Fun

Collaborate on events with other families! Share events, manage attendance, and even have discussions directly within the event. Perfect for coordinating carpools or babysitting.

‼️ No More Double Booking

Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts! Our smart system will alert you to any potential overlaps as you create your events. Forgot about parent teacher conferences when booking a lunch? We’ve got you covered!

Introducing Assistants

Introducing Assistants

BeFamily just got a major upgrade! Not only does it help you keep your family organized, but it also helps you get things done faster.

🤖 Introducing Assistants

These help you get things done even easier.

  • Find a Time - No more playing calendar Tetris with your partner. The Find a Time assistant will show you every available slot over the next two weeks.
  • Gift Ideas - Tired of racking your brain trying to come up with gift ideas? Let the Gift Ideas assistant help you find the perfect gift for anyone in your life.
  • Things to Do - Stuck in a rut of doing the same old boring activities? Let the Things to Do assistant suggest something fun and exciting to do, either with or without the kiddos, anywhere in the United States.
  • Draft a Note - Struggling to come up with the perfect words for a thank-you note? The Draft a Note assistant will help you write a more engaging and funny note. You can even thank someone in the form of a rap!
  • Joke - What’s the difference between a hippo and a Zippo? One is heavy, the other is a little lighter. (I couldn’t resist, and there are hundreds more amazing jokes just like this.)

✅ Subtasks

BeFamily now allows you to break down bigger tasks into smaller, more manageable subtasks. No more forgetting those little things you need to do to complete a task.

BeFamily, now with more parties

BeFamily, now with more parties

Get ready to party like a pro with BeFamily’s latest features! 🎉 Here’s what’s new and improved in the recent updates:

✉️ RSVP in style

Craft the perfect evite and keep tabs on your guest list with our new RSVP feature. Simply add “RSVP” to anything in Planning, design it, and share.

🥳 Introducing “Planning”

We’ve revamped “Activities” to focus on planning events, parties, and trips. Say hello to seamless organization!

✅ Delegate like a boss

Assign tasks to specific people, both within your family and beyond. Within Planning you can invite non-family members to collaborate, and divvy out tasks to make sure the party runs smoothly.

🆕 Smaller yet significant updates:

  • Agenda is now just single page, instead of multiple tabs, that shows all of the events for the current day, and a quick overview of important things coming up in the next few days
  • HTML from calendar events is now rendered
  • Fancy Comments: Use markdown to format your comments and make them stand out.
  • Swipe to Delete Comments: Remove comments by simply swiping them away.
BeFamily Beta!

BeFamily Beta!

🗣️ Communication Level Up

Introducing Discussions - chat about anything with your partner and keep notes on To-Dos, Events, and Routines. Say goodbye to miscommunications, and solve things faster asynchronously!

📅 Stay organized with what’s Upcoming

The new “Upcoming” section in Agenda gives you a peek at the most important things happening in the next week.

A healthy habit from many successful families is setting aside time to sync on upcoming events. The Upcoming section combines Alerts and notable events, allowing you to easily view the next week’s happenings in one glance.

🤼 Conflict Resolution Upgrade

  • No more “I-can’t-take-the-kids-to-soccer” moments. With improved conflict detection, you’ll be notified of potential clashes, and you can now:
  • Find conflicts between calendar events and Activities
  • Set default responsible persons for routines
  • Add start and end dates to Routines
  • Manually assign responsibility for events and routines
  • Ignore conflict notifications (and we’ll learn from it!)

📝 To-Do Improvements

As a fan-favorite feature, we’re constantly sprucing it up. Now you can:

  • Reorder tasks with a simple long-press and drag
  • See tasks in your daily agenda email
  • Access To-Dos faster with its own primary tab

👋 Onboarding

I know you’ve set things up already, but for new users we’re trying to provide more guidance for how to get started. For new folks we’re recommending these steps:

  • Add your family members and invite your partner under More > People
  • Connect your calendar in More > Calendars to coordinate schedules and avoid conflicts
  • Create routines under More > Routines to track and manage anything you do regularly
  • Create a new Discussion and comment on anything to communicate better with your partner